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    The beginnings of any aspiring musician are humble but cute ones, and as a toddler playing along to the “Little Brown Jug” Casio demo song, Joey proved he was no exception. Following in his dad’s footsteps, who wrote music for documentaries and stage shows, Joey began experimenting with the world of digital composition. By 15 his music helped to score “Cracking the Ocean Code”, a documentary that aired on Discovery Channel, and premiered at the American Museum of Natural History in New York.

    After attending Musician’s Institute, Joey started work as a freelance composer, writing for video games, iPhone apps, and other media.

    Just before 5:00 on the morning of June 27th, 2012, Joey’s father and mentor, Don, passed away after a four-year-long battle with cancer. While most people remember him as Robbie Douglas on the 1960’s sitcom “My Three Sons”, Joey and the rest of his family knows his legacy as a dad runs much deeper than his legacy as a television son.

    For the following year after his dad’s passing, Joey took his grief to the piano and the pen. The finished product, an album and corresponding journal in memory of Don, was released a week before the first anniversary of his death.

    Today, Joey’s work can be heard on Rocketcat Games’ most recent project, or perhaps on some top secret album he’s got in the works.