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The music deserves an own mention, as something really great. It is varied expertly crafted chiptune music that is worth the price of the game alone. I have had the game paused for an hour or so writing this review just listening to it.”

            -TouchGen Review

“The look is extremely polished and well done, the music of the game is some of the best I've heard on a handheld title in a long time.”

            -TUAW Review

Tower Pinnacle

Homunculus Bunker

Temple of Blorpx

Ashen Cult

Ruin Crossing

Crossing is a 50 minute long feature film made by the film students of Moorpark College. The film was worked on by over 140 people on production. 5 departments worked on separate parts of the film and many others, from the dean of department, the dean of the division, department heads and students from all the film classes. Shot on location in Barstow and Apple Valley, "Crossing" deals with two Mexican women, Elena, played by Ilianna Andreade, and Maria, played by Sofia Yepes, crossing the border into the United States, but intersecting paths with two drug smugglers, played by Jeremy Hanes and Caleb Ellis, leading them into something much more dangerous than they expected.

Original score by Lennon Leppert and Joey Grady.

Excerpt 1 - Can I Speak to You?

Excerpt 2 - Flashback

Mage Gauntlet is a classic-SNES-style Action-RPG available now on the App Store. Fight and explore your way through a humorous storyline about eccentric wizards, powerful artifacts, and dangerous monsters. Find items to customize your character's strengths and weaknesses. Enjoy smooth, responsive controls and fast, satisfying combat. When you beat the game, unlock a remixed Master Mode with overwhelming enemy numbers and new secrets to uncover.

Cracking the Ocean Code follows scientist Dr. J. Craig Venter as he looks for genetic secrets, which could help solve the earth's most urgent climate and energy challenges.

Cracking the Ocean Code was first aired on Discovery Science in late 2005. Discovery Channel added the documentary to their roster after its well received debut, and has also been shown at the American Museum of Natural History.

Joey was a co-composer under DAG Music, a parent company of JAG Music. Pun intended.

Disney’s The Jungle Book Platinum Edition DVD was released in 2007 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the last film to receive Walt Disney’s

personal touch.

Joey co-composed for the bonus material menus and games of the DVD.

“Butterfly in the sky...”
Children travel to five themed islands, such as Animal Kingdom, Awesome People and Genius Academy, discovering quality fiction and non-fiction books from numerous acclaimed publishers. Each book comes alive with audio storytelling by celebrity actors, including spoken word Grammy winner Burton himself, and features light animations and activities to enhance the story.

#1 Free App In Education

Editor’s Choice Award, PC Mag

“Reading Rainbow Might Stop the iPad From Ruining the Brains of All Children.”

           –Gizmodo Review

    On this page you’ll find a collection of games, apps, and films Joey has written for. Feel free to explore and click on any links that catch your eye. Good people put their best efforts into every undertaking you see here.

Genius Academy

Animal Kingdom

My Friends, My Family

Settings Screen


Written for a short directed by Annie Block-Weiss. The film follows Todd as an unexpected new friend, Ashley, helps him get over his ex.

Original score by Joey Grady.

Homework-Sunrise Montage

Wake Up

Wayward Souls is an action-adventure game built for quick playthroughs and massive amounts of replay value. It was inspired by Spelunky, Secret of Mana, and our previous game, Mage Gauntlet.

Procedurally generated random levels mean that every time you play the game, it's a different experience. Control one of six characters, all with their own unique playstyles, abilities, and equipment. Explore and fight for survival, in combat where your tactics, positioning, and timing matter.

“While action RPGs with finely honed mechanics, a grand sense of atmosphere, and strong soundtracks are gradually becoming the rule rather than the exception on PC and console, there’s few experiences quite like this on iOS.”

        -Kaijupop Review

Listen to the full Soundtrack on Bandcamp.